Study Circles for Social Change Programme

Study Circles for Social Change Programme

Study circles enable small groups of participants to learn together, and from each other, about how to advance their interests and needs using a democratic, interactive and participatory method of education. Study circles of grassroots leaders in trade unions and community organisations are essential for building vibrant democratic organisations with an active membership.

IFWEA supports affiliates to develop a study circle programme through training and mentoring study circle facilitators to build confidence, encourage critical thinking and promote active participation. The programme also supports online interaction between study circle facilitators in different countries to share experiences on curricula, materials and pedagogy of study circles and build a global knowledge community.

Get involved:

  • Share your study circle curricula, materials and methods and meet up with study circle facilitators from other organisations  by joining the IFWEA – Study Circles for Social Change community on Facebook here
  • Promote study circles in your organisation through running the various courses available on the IFWEA online labour  academy – click here for OLA  and contact the IFWEA secretariat for support with this: email
  • To find out more about study circles:
    • Do the “Facilitating Study Circles” Course which is an open course on the online labour academy here
    • Contact the IFWEA secretariat:


Study Circles Facilitators Training Workshops

Study Circles during  2014:

  • Launch of study circles
  • Community care workers’ study circle
  • Solidarity Exchange – South Africa and Sweden


CLASS NEPAL’s Educator Goma Pandey facilities Women Leadership Course in Nepal, run by SEWA in India – using the Online Labour Academy (OLA).